I’ve been working on several websites, all based on WordPress.
Two websites switched provider. They weren’t based on WordPress. One of them had to be rebuilt from the ground up. I had to do a lot of customizing to make it look just like it did. It also got some updates. The other got a new and updated layout. The client is really happy with the end result. So am I, by the way.
Yet another website which I’m working on is still taking shape content wise.

Working together with clients to transform ideas and personal visions into a final product is really rewarding. It’s fun too. In my opinion it’s the only way to get a really good result.
When I realized this, I also put it into the Sticky Post titles ‘Welcome’ that’s on the top.


A little update!

At the moment I’m doing some work in Dutch.
For a private Internet radio station I’m doing some audio imaging. I’m doing voice work and I’m creating sweepers and other elements to create a complete package.

For a software application I’m doing the voice work.

I just finished some work for Ziggo, a Dutch cable company. Both voice and editing.