Unfortunately, due to technical issues with the production of the ground plates, most of them aren’t available at this time.

The situation is somewhat weird because the printing house can’t guarantee that the quality of the next batch will be similar to the batches from before issue suddenly occurred.

The issues mainly had to do with the laminated finish which suddenly was streaky and had stains and dirt underneath.

However, when there are enough pre-orders, I’m willing to take the chance and try again.
So, when you’d like to order ground plates, let me know.
I’ll make a list and will place the order as soon as possible.

As you can probably guess when you look at my 1:200 diecast collection, I love model aircraft.
Like many others, I used to display my models on the wooden or plain surface of a desk or shelf. That wasn’t ideal, so I started thinking about how to make it look better.
It took some time, but I ended up designing several 1:200 airport ground plates that would fit my needs and also the size of my shelves.

1:200 Double Sided Airport Ground Plates

The 1:200 airport ground plates are made out of 3 mm FOREX (sturdy foamed PVC) board with a matte laminated finish.
The dimensions are 70 x 35 cm.
A plate weighs around 400 grams, which is just under 1lb.

The plates are double sided, so there are two designs on each plate.

The designs contain stands with aircraft types and other markings, roads, designated areas for jetways and other ground service equipment, taxiways, a runway, lights and more.

Stands & Aircraft Types

Airport stands that can be found in real life include:

  • C stands, for narrow-body aircraft like a 737 or A321, with a wingspan of up to 36 meters
  • D stands, for larger aircraft like the 757 and 767, with a wingspan of up to 52 meters
  • E stands, for wide-body aircraft like the 747, 777, 787, A330 and A350, with a wingspan of up to 65 meters
  • F stands, for the largest aircraft like the 747-8 and the A380, with a wingspan of up to 80 meters

On these plates D stands and E stands are combined into D/E or wide-body stands.

I cheated a bit, because I also included the 747-8 and A380, which is technically wrong because they are F classification aircraft, but in certain situations it could sort of fit.
Otherwise only one stand would be possible per plate and that’s not something I’m planning on creating at the moment. Because of lack of room, most collectors have models too close to each other anyway. 😉

The airport ground plates are laminated to give them a scratch resistant surface. To a certain level of course.

Possible Irregularities

  • During production, when the plates are cut to size, the designs may shift a bit, causing them to not always connect perfectly.
    In my opinion that’s a small price to pay for the flexibility it creates.
  • Because the plates are printed in full color, the colors my differ per product and per printing session.
  • Due to the way plates of this size are laminated, there might be some imperfections in the form of specs or dust particles underneath the protective layer.

Airport Ground Plate 1 (AGP1)

Click here for more information about AGP1

Airport Ground Plate 2 (AGP2)

Click here for more information about AGP2

Airport Ground Plate 6 (AGP6)

Click here for more information about AGP6

Airport Ground Plate 3 (AGP3)

Click here for more information about AGP3

Airport Ground Plate 4 (AGP4)

Click here for more information about AGP4

Airport Ground Plate 5 (AGP5)

Click here for more information about AGP5

Flexible Usage

The airport ground plates are designed to be used in a very flexible way.
See this page for more information and examples.

Pricing and More

For pricing and other information, see this page.

1:200 Airport Ground Plates on Instagram

For more pictures also have a look at the Instagram account.