On this page you will find information on all 61 aircraft found in Infinite Flight, the best mobile flight simulator for iOS and Android.

The database has been updated to reflect the changes made in Infinite Flight update 22.6, released on August 22nd 2022.

There now are 863 aircraft/livery combinations!

Infinite Flight

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Manufacturer:Model:Image:Information:Aircraft Category
AirbusA318-100More informationC
AirbusA319-100More informationC
AirbusA320-200More informationC
AirbusA321-200More informationC
AirbusA330-200FMore informationE
AirbusA330-300More informationE
AirbusA330-900neoMore informationE
AirbusA340-600More informationE
AirbusA350-900More informationE
AirbusA380-800More informationF
Boeing717-200More informationC
Boeing737-700More informationC
Boeing737-800More informationC
Boeing737-900More informationC
Boeing747-200More informationE
Boeing747-400More informationE
Boeing747-8More informationF
Boeing747-SCAMore informationE
Boeing747SP SOFIAMore informationE
Boeing757-200More informationD
Boeing767-300More informationD
Boeing777-200ERMore informationE
Boeing777-200LRMore informationE
Boeing777-300ERMore informationE
Boeing777FMore informationE
Boeing787-10More informationE
Boeing787-8More informationE
Boeing787-9More informationE
BoeingC-17 Globemaster IIIMore informationD
BoeingVC-25A (747-2G4B)More informationE
BombardierCRJ-1000More informationB
BombardierCRJ-200More informationB
BombardierCRJ-700More informationB
BombardierCRJ-900More informationB
BombardierDash 8-Q400More informationC
Cessna172 SkyhawkMore informationA
Cessna208 CaravanMore informationB
CessnaCitation XMore informationB
Cirrus AircraftSR22 GTSMore informationA
CubCraftersXCubMore informationA
DaherTBM 930More informationA
EmbraerE170More informationC
EmbraerE175More informationC
EmbraerE190More informationC
EmbraerE195More informationC
Fairchild RepublicA-10More informationB
General DynamicsF-16CMore informationA
Grumman AerospaceF-14More informationA
LockheedAC-130More informationD
LockheedC-130HMore informationD
LockheedC-130JMore informationD
LockheedC-130J-30More informationD
LockheedP-38More informationB
Lockheed Martin AeronauticsF-22More informationA
McDonnell DouglasDC-10More informationD
McDonnell DouglasDC-10FMore informationD
BoeingF/A-18E Super HornetMore informationA
McDonnell DouglasMD-11More informationD
McDonnell DouglasMD-11FMore informationD
SupermarineSpitfire Mk VIIIMore informationA
AirbusA220-300More informationC

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