• front side: 3 narrow-body stands, modeled after stands at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
  • back side: 2 wide-body stands (60 degrees to the right)

The designs contain stands with aircraft types and other markings, roads, designated areas for jetways and other ground service equipment and more.

The designs of AGP1 changed recently to make the front side more symmetrical and the back side connect better to AGP2. The color also changed a bit.
The drawings above are showing the new designs, but the photos below are still showing the old ones.

I myself use the plates side by side, but the designs can connect to each other in several different ways, as shown in the image above, showing 4 plates.

Although the colors are a bit different, the designs of this plate connect to both sides of AGP2 and AGP6 ¹.

A taxiway to connect to this plate is also available. See AGP3.