Unfortunately, due to technical issues with the production of the ground plates, most of them aren’t available at this time.

The situation is somewhat weird because the printing house can’t guarantee that the quality of the next batch will be similar to the batches from before issue suddenly occurred.

The issues mainly had to do with the laminated finish which suddenly was streaky and had stains and dirt underneath.

However, when there are enough pre-orders, I’m willing to take the chance and try again.
So, when you’d like to order ground plates, let me know.
I’ll make a list and will place the order as soon as possible.

My goal was to create plates that could be used in a very flexible way.
That is why each plate connects to itself on multiple sides.
In addition, I made sure that AGP1, AGP2, AGP3, AGP4, AGP5 and AGP6 all connect in multiple ways as well ¹.

Although the colors are a bit different, AGP1 connects to AGP2 on three sides almost perfectly ¹.

One side of AGP3 connects to AGP2 seamlessly ¹.
The other side of AGP3 connects to AGP1 ¹.


Because the plates are roughly the same size as two bigger model boxes, they can be easily stored.

Because the plates are printed in full color, the colors may differ per product and per printing session.


This is an example of the way multiple plates (AGP2 + AGP3) could be connected.